Monday, January 16, 2017


For several days, I’ve been hearing mention on television of the holiday weekend. Confused, because I thought the holidays were over, but not really paying much attention I brushed it off.

Yesterday, after hearing “holiday weekend” a few more times, I became curious enough to google “What holidays are in January”.


It’s Martin Luther King Day.

It wouldn’t be fair to think that I of all people should have known because, now that I’m retired, not looking forward to a day off because every day is a day off, I've pretty much lost interest in holidays. In fact, I was at the University hunting Pokémon, wondering why the campus was so empty, when I learned it was empty because that day was a holiday -- Veteran’s Day; and when granddaughter invited me over to make a plate, after her mom dropped off her BFFs to spend the holidays, bringing along a feast, I’d asked “Is today Christmas?”

“No, grandma, that’s tomorrow”.

The 4th of July is easily remembered because it's obvious.

At any rate, if my left foot wasn’t still giving me grief, I’d head to -- what I expect to be, an empty campus to load up on PokémonGo game tools. On the other hand, if the indoor bike gets delivered early enough, I may still make it out of the complex and to the campus, walking with the aid of compression socks I invested $28 in.

Sorry now that I didn’t allow the doctor to boot the foot so I’d stay off it, or at least have support, I’d done alternative research and located compression socks advertised as serving the same purpose as a splint or boot – “Instant relief to stop that awful heel pain, stops throbbing and helps you stand and walk freely”.

I guess today is not a holiday for everyone, because tracking indicates the bike is “On fedex vehicle for delivery”, so I’ll stick to home so I can get the guy to park -- what I expect to be a rather large box, indoors rather than on the porch for me to struggle inside.

No car parked next to the right side of mine yet. So I don’t know what’s up with Cranky Neighbor’s parking situation.

She strikes me as the type of individual not necessarily looking for workarounds/solutions, but one who just enjoys having stuff to complain about or only wants the outcome she wants. I mean, really ... a lawyer or the Attorney General over a parking space? Especially since she'd said she'd gone that route previously.

When she said she'd done so I'd asked, "How did THAT go?"

"I got a call at home. My husband picked up the phone and said, 'A Mr. xxx would like to speak with you'".

"That's the Dean!"

She had a far away look in her eyes, like she was remembering something very unpleasant, when she said, "He (the dean) was not happy with me".

"How did the parking situation go?" asked I.

"It was cleared up a few weeks later."

Probably would have been cleared up without all the drama, as will it get cleared up here as well.

Happy am I, she’s across the quad, rather than next door.


  1. Last week I had lunch with my retired friends and we were discussing the upcoming holiday weekend. One of the gals asked, "what holiday?"

    Now, we all worked in education, 20+ years, so we all stared at her in disbelief. She had forgotten MLK holiday. Her excuse? "I don't have to keep track of the holidays now that I'm retired and every day is like a holiday."

    We chuckled, but because we are retired, we try to not be out on holiday weekends with all those who only have those days off. Except for church and a funeral on Sunday, I was at home all three days. Now that everyone has gone back to school/work, I'm going to run errands today, Tuesday.

    1. That's a good way of seeing it, as "every day a holiday" rather than my way of every day a day off.

  2. I sometimes have trouble remembering what day of the week it is. It's a good thing we still have a newspaper to tell us when we get stuck. A calendar is useless because you pretty well have to know what day it is to find it. My husband recently got one of those pill holders that has the day of the week on it. That helps, providing you take your pills on time. Ah, the joys of retirement.

    1. Yes, days of the week is another challenge. Usually, when I get up in the morning, I think "What did I watch on tv last night", which is how I figure out what day I'm in. LOL. Sometimes I still get it wrong.