Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sometimes I Wonder

I know I’m not headed down the road to dementia or alzheimer, but sometimes I wonder about myself. Like that time I drove up to Starbuck’s window, ordered, paid and -- when the barista returned my card, drove off hearing the barista yelling, “Ma’am, wait. You forgot your coffee!”

I chalked that one up to a senior moment.

Then there was the time I was in the market, looked down and found I’d worn mismatched sandals.

That I chalked up to simply not paying attention.

And I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve stood at the front door, key chain with house key in hand, clicking the car's remote, wondering why the front door wasn't opening.

I’m thinking my sometimes inability to focus in is because I’m a contemplative, so often out there, lost in universal thought.

At any rate, yesterday I outdid myself.

Watching John Carpenter’s “Vampires”, a movie I’d seen like a thousand times before, I decided my time would be better served getting grocery shopping taken care of instead. So, grabbing a pair of boots, I set them in front of me and, while still watching the television screen, began slipping them on.

I’ll admit, after slipping on that first boot, my foot felt a bit funny but, eyes focused on the television screen, I felt around, found the zipper and zipped it up without taking my eyes off the screen. I slipped the other boot on -- and yes, it also felt funny, then ready to stand up, cut the TV off and head out, I took eyes off the screen, looked down and ....

So what was on tap for today?

Well, the seniors were off to the casino.

I didn’t make it down to see how many because, with no reason to put myself together and get out of the unit, I put myself together and stayed indoors.

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