Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lottery Bucket List

I know the region needs the rain we’ve been getting, but I was beyond excited when the sun came up yesterday.

I think I’m one of those people that only come alive in the sunshine. I’m not exactly moody or depressed, get sick or sad in cold dark rainy weather, as are people with what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. I just become quiet, reflective, keep to myself.

Yesterday was so nice out that I suited up and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.

I routed that walk to pass the 7 Eleven, about a mile away, in order to stop in and purchase a Powerball ticket.

You never know what life has in store for you, so with a pot as large as this one, I had to at least buy a ticket.

It only takes one.

Unfortunately, it takes the RIGHT one. But, like I said, one never knows.

I don’t often walk in that direction, on that side of the street, so don’t know if this is new or has always been there and I just never noticed.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a phone booth. Actually, it’s a public phone without a booth, and looks to have been defaced by taggers, but still a rare sight.

Once back at the complex, I checked in on the folks in the Community Room.

The television hasn’t been stolen yet and since its installation has drawn a lot more folks in to socialize. Some of the residents appear to spend the whole day in the Community Room now, where there always seems to be treats on the counter.

The pattie pie boxes were still on the counter, but the pies long gone.

I told you … those old people will eat anything.

Yesterday, there was one of those circular breads with a Baby Jesus inside.

There was also a note on the door indicating management was, for like the 999th time, changing Community Room hours. For whatever reason, they’ve gone back to open only during staff hours – 9:00 to 5:00 during the week, closed on weekends.

This being closed, once again, on weekends and staff nowhere around so often during what is supposed to be regular work hours, is going to put quite a damper on the renewed enjoyment of the Community Room.

Someone once asked me what I’d do if I won the lottery. My response was that I’d not change much in my life because I don’t need anything. My bucket list is to set up trust funds for my girls, the grand kids, spread a little between the niece and nephews.

It’s probably wrong to feel this way but, add to the list, I’d purchase the complex as an investment and fire Nurse Ratched.

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