Monday, January 11, 2016


Though the weather has been pretty nice last few days, life has been a continuation of doing nothing, going nowhere. I haven’t even wanted to leave the unit unless I absolutely must.

So far, the musts have been that walk to the 7 Eleven on Friday to purchase a Powerball ticket, driving granddaughter to complete an errand Friday night and another Sunday noon.

Inasmuch as there was not a winner for Saturday’s Powerball, today’s must will be another walk to the 7 Eleven.

I'm feeling especially inert today, so perhaps I'll drive.

I for one will be happy when someone wins the jackpot, so all hope and a must reason to leave the unit is gone.

Since I’ve spent little time outside the unit, never going any further than the couch and the kitchen, what have I been doing with my time you ask?

Well, finishing touches on that needlepoint project is taking almost as much time to complete as it took to do the art work. And what with PBS running Series I, II and III of Sherlock Holmes  -- the one with Benedict Cumberbatch who, not to mention is drop dead handsome, fascinates me as an actor, the DVR is once again full of other programs I generally watch but can’t get to, and then there’s my favorite author’s new book.

So though my overall body is trapped in inertia, my eyes, mind, fingers are getting a workout.

The fact that I’ve started off the year as a shut-in has caused me to wonder what residents who appear to be shut-ins all year long do with their time.

The elderly lady in the unit downstairs, underneath the depressed neighbor, rarely comes out. I see her maybe four times a year being either picked up by a relative and going somewhere or heading to the office to sign paperwork.

She's a cute little thing, walks slowly with a cane and obviously doesn't cook, as a meals on wheels program delivers to her, so I assume it's all reading and maybe television with captions.

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve not heard the depressed neighbor coming or going since shortly after the new year when I saw her taking down her Christmas wreath. I probably should check on her, but I’m bogged down with concern for family members right now and unwilling. This concern with family members may be why the inertia has set in and return of the addiction to sugar.

I did very well through the holidays until the peanut butter cookies at the cookie swap and The Baker’s banana muffins at the Tamale Party. Those two indulges awoke the sugar beast and, since then, it’s been Nestle freezer to oven peanut butter cookies and/or Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream almost every night.

I’m about done with this and ready to get back to clean eating, so as soon as I finish this last Ben and Jerry’s, I’ll put myself on a sugar detox program and maybe set my sights on training for another 5K.

For sure, I’ll do the former, that latter is just a maybe at this point.

An event calendar was finally posted to the door on Sunday. There’s the monthly casino trip on the 19th, and a Sandwich Social on the 26th.

I’ll pass on both.

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