Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unkindest Cut of All

Our long-time Head Maintenance Man has been fired.

Yep, Nurse Ratched fired him.

She’s been trying to run him out-of-here for like forever because 1) He was with the previous management group and she wants her own people 2) Though he does his job and takes a ton of crap off her, he does so in a non-subservient way and Nurse Ratched requires subservience.

He was fired end-of-day Thursday, but I didn’t find out until stopped and given the disturbing news by a resident while out walking yesterday morning.

Later that day, down in the Community Room getting the details, I found residents close to tears at the injustice of it.

As the story goes, a week or two ago, Nurse Ratched told our regular maintenance man that, “If we don’t pass this inspection, you won’t have a job.”

Our regular guy generally swallows her threats and insults but, being at his breaking point lately, this time snapped back, “You won’t either”.

Nurse Ratched was not pleased.

The complex did pass the inspection, with a few “unfavorable findings”. Exactly what those findings are is unknown at this time. One resident said the inspectors noted a flickering light in her ceiling fan, they found that unlocked water heater door in my units, so it’s safe to guess based on these piddly things, the other findings were also minuscule.

Yet and still, freshly upset with our maintenance man’s failure to be subordinate, Nurse Ratched used the findings as leverage and blamed not the parade of “Head” maintenance men she’s brought in over our regular guy, but ALL on our regular guy and convinced corporate to let her fire him.

Not wasting any time, Nurse Ratched has already hired an additional maintenance man and promoted the New Head Maintenance Man to “Supervisor”.

I was surprised to learn, though you’d never know it because he’s always moving, always working, and is unbelievably strong, that our regular guy is 78 years of age. Consequently, talk is he may have a case for Age Discrimination and, having been fired, Unemployment.

He’ll be losing his employee free unit across the quad from me, but told others that he wants to convert to staying in it as a renter, because this is where all his and his wife’s friends are, but that Nurse Ratched is not in favor of that. She doesn’t want him on the property and, as you can see, one way or another, Nurse Ratched eventually gets what she wants.

The New Maintenance “Supervisor” seems nice enough and, currently, is totally on the Nurse Ratched bandwagon, especially since she’s given him a promotion. But he doesn’t know her the way we know her. Consequently, us residents are prophesying 30 to 60 days before he wakes up, smells the coffee and high-tails it out of here.

Mark your calendars.

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