Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All I Want for Christmas

Having had one of those toss, turn, unable to fall asleep until around 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning, only to be wide awake at 6:00 ready to seize the day, I was so exhausted last night from lack of sleep, and deviled egg drama, that I was in bed just before 8:30.

I know I keep saying I’m done making deviled eggs, but this time I really mean it. If we have a Christmas event, it’s going to be something from Costco or the Deli – tamales maybe.

At any rate, dead on my feet at 8:00, I was in bed before 8:30 and felt myself drifting off as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Suddenly, I was startled back into wide awake when suddenly the windows began rattling and the whole building shook.

EARTHQUAKE!!!  … 3.4, at 8:41.

So, of course, I could not get back to sleep and it was another night of thoughts running through my head, putzing around the unit, browsing the internet, playing Candy Crush, AlphaBetty Saga, meditating. Finally, well after midnight, it was back in bed, but not to sleep ...  to read a few more chapters of my favorite author's latest.

I think it was about 3:00 when I put the book down and finally got four hours sleep before I was, once again, up and ready to seize the day.

There won’t be a lot of seizing today … a walk around the complex maybe, needlepoint and catching up on recorded TV programs. Having all but caught up, except for programs recorded just this week.

I was stunned when I viewed last week's episode of Scandal ... A gentlemen from the fictional (I think) country of Bandahar asked for asylum. In return, he told Olivia of a facility, masked as a cola factory, but was actually a cooling facility for massive super computers, which were being used to stage cyber attacks against western targets.

Why did that stun me?

Because that's essentially what that guy who'd tried to pick me up, back in September, in Home Depot said.

Instead of coming at me straight, his approach was, “Excuse me, but did you know the soviets (he might have said Israelis) are planning a cyber attack on America ... wipe out all our electronics?” 

I still am more appreciative of a straight-forward approach, but how interesting is it that the guy was talking reality -- that there is a country planning cyber attacks. The only other option is that the guy wrote the episode for Scandal, and though he looked well dressed and prosperous, I don't think so.

It occurred to me on Monday, when I was out walking, that I’d not seen Tent Guy for a while -- not camped out in his tent, not walking his normal route. I began to assume either the unusually cold and windy weather had caused him to move on or the owner of the lot had him chased off.

It was also on Monday when I mentioned his absence to the resident who said he goes to her church.

“He’s bought a car!”

Good on him.

“I saw him at church on Sunday and he said he’d bought a car and is about to be blessed with shelter.”

Tent Guy’s timing, on getting a car and shelter, is perfect because there is now a For Sale sign posted on the land. The owner is looking to sell the property for purposes of development.

All I want for Christmas is a Starbucks, so I can walk across the street to my morning cup, rather than drive … oh, and a Gym. Preferably one of those women only circuit training ones.

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