Thursday, November 19, 2015

Now it Makes Sense

I couldn’t believe my eyes when, heading out yesterday morning for a Starbucks run, I found a notice tacked to the door … “On November 18-19, 2015, a representative from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) will be completing a physical unit inspection … This is your notice that your apartment may be subject to such an inspection.”


It was just the day before when the New Head Maintenance Man had come in to do his inspection … fourth inspection this year. Not all that much got inspected, as we mostly chatted and, as he was leaving, complimenting on my cleanliness and neatness, he said, “Well, this is it. There won’t be any more inspections this year.”

I was skeptical saying, “Sure, right.”

He laughed, “You’ve heard it before. It’s what they all say, huh.”

Sure enough, not 24 hours later, another inspection.

This being the CTCAC, it all makes sense to me now … kinda, sorta because, having worked in the Contracts Department of an agency partially funded by state and federal monies, I’m familiar with the “auditing process”. Auditors would come in to look through our financials, records, inspect property to verify that where we said the money went was actually where the money went. I’m not exactly sure how this process relates to our individual units, except maybe management says it’s using the funds for paint, carpet, appliances, upkeep of complex grounds. And just like when we knew the auditors were coming, the CEO became anxious of losing his state and federal funds should the auditors find anything amiss, each department was ordered to check, double check, triple check that everything was in order.

There was a flurry of activity on complex grounds the day New Head Maintenance Man gave me that inspection. Emergency Carpet Cleaners were called in because some of the units that had been inspected were found not to be up to code insofar as condition of their carpet.

Management informed those residents that carpet cleaning was mandatory, cleaners were called in BUT, residents were informed they would have to pay for it.

It seems to me that if it was management’s decision, management should pay for it but, whatever. Residents were only charged $45 (a bargain), and informed the cost would be added to next month’s rent.

One good thing coming out of management’s endeavors to make certain everything is in order around here is that difficult to open near gate has finally been fixed. I slide my card in, the gate opens without having to jiggle the card around, and I left turn into my parking spot, landing perfectly each and every time.

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