Friday, February 1, 2019

Roughing It

I’ve been without an oven since Tuesday night. Maintenance diagnosed the problem on Wednesday as a heating element not working/a value not opening. Inasmuch as this is the second time the oven has gone out and, according to maintenance, the part needed this time costs more than a new stove, I’ll be getting a new one.
As to when ... maybe a week, maybe longer. 
Inasmuch as I can’t live without an oven, I ran out and picked up a little counter-top convection to tide me over.

I managed to squeeze it into my very limited counterspace and, so far, the convention works great for bacon (uncured of course) and salmon. I even roasted broccoli in it. Not so great for those sweet potato chips I’m fond of snacking on. The convection is so small that I can only make a handful, and the cook time is two hours. So, not worth it that sweet potato chips are off the menu until the new stove arrives.
It’s been one thing after another with the cheap appliances Corporate brought into the community when they acquired this property in 2013 and dove into a so-called renovation.
Long-time readers will recall the renovation included chopping down all our beautiful trees, replacing perfectly working appliances with smaller cheapies, installing a ceiling fan in each unit, changing door knobs, updating the gate and garage doors, exterior paint, then pronouncing the $3.2 million they conned the government out of as well-spent.
Looking at the cars that rolled up on the property when Corporate bigwigs arrived to view the completed renovation, it wasn’t hard to deduce from the cheap appliances, shoddy workmanship on this end that the bulk of the $3.2 million went to Corporate administration.
Such is the way of the world.
However, you get what you pay for.
Corporate has been saddled with having to fix and replace and repair this that the other ever since.
So there’s that.
The March Activity Calendar was posted to our doors in a timely manner. The only activity is a Sweetheart Potluck on the 21st.
I’ll be very surprised if the event is well-attended, but maybe, because it’s been a long dry spell insofar as events since the first of the year.
I’ll tear myself away from needlepoint long enough to go down, take a few photos for the community’s Facebook page and to see what the 80-year-old chasing my buddy Apache gives him for Valentine’s Day.
It occurred to me that her nickname here on the blog should be The Cougar because ….. significantly older lady (80ish)/younger man (60ish).
I’m not knocking it. Been there done that with the 35 year old when I was 50ish, but let it be known  I didn't  chase him, he chased me.
Last thing of note is the new read I’d preordered.

Haven’t had time to get into reading it yet, but must be amazing because I saw on the news this morning that the Orange Traitor is doing that which he didn’t do with Omarosa’s book and didn’t do with Bob Woodward’s book ….... he suing the author.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't insist that Corporate make some type of accommodation for your lack of an oven. Or maybe they could give you a rent credit for your inconvenience?

    1. It actually never crossed my mind. My first thought was a workaround. Besides, Corporate could care less about inconveniencing a resident ... that is unless a government inspection was coming up. In that case, they hustle their butts.

  2. I agree with Kathy, you should not be without an oven for that long. It would be different if you lived in a place that provided meals, but it's wrong to ask you to do without an oven for more than 3 days.

    1. According to Head Maintenance Guy there's a backorder on stoves. I'm looking at the 11th. It's not that big a deal inasmuch as I'm roughing it with the little countertop convection, but if the 11th comes and goes, I'm going to have to piss HMG off by following up with his boss at corporate.

  3. That's too long. They should be able to bring one up the following day. Why are you still living there?

    1. Because my unit and quad is nice, I feel safe and the price is right. No matter what, I'll be here until they tell me I'm so far over the income limit that I'll have to move. I can see that happening in the foreseeable future.