Monday, February 11, 2019

Round Three

It was a weekend of the sky leaking yet again, so it was needlepoint and watching television with this cute little Pokémon Ralts.

For the first time since its inception, I did not watch Walking Dead because ... over it.
Abraham is long gone, Glen as well is long gone, Rick is recently gone, not sure what happened to Maggie, Jesus was killed by a Whisperer, Daryl and Carol have become boring, I did plan to keep watching to see where Negan goes from here, but lost interest once reading this is Michonne’s last season. I have no interest in any of the new characters, so I’m done.
Thankfully, the sun’s up today, neighbors are out and about but, though outside is dry, it’s still a little too chilly to lure me out.
Along about 10:30, I heard a commotion on the stairs.
It was Head Maintenance Guy (HMG) and one of the temp maintenance guys hauling up the new stove.
Color me surprised.
When on Wednesday, January 30, my oven died and was pronounced not worth cost of repair, I really didn’t believe, with a corporation as large as this one, there was a backlog ─ I’d be getting a new stove but not until the 11th.
Though I’d nevertheless been patient, I fully expected HMG to force me to make a stink by coming up with an excuse to further extend the wait once the 11th came and went, but he surprised me by bringing in the new stove first thing this 11th morning.
Miracles happen every day.



The glass door is a welcome change, as is an oven light.
HMG suggested I run the oven for a while before baking, so I’ll save making my healthy wheat-free bagels for tomorrow and test it out with oven-fried chicken tonight.
The convection oven I purchased to tide me over will still come in handy. It hurt my back so much to bend, stoop, multiple times of pulling the tray out to check, push the tray back in, pull the tray out to check again required to broil in a conventional that I stopped using the broiler. With the convection, I can broil to my heart’s content, no stooping required, plus sweet potato chips come out crisper.
So off with the cheap oldie that HMG tells me has been discontinued.

No surprise there, I think Corporate got a deal by purchasing them from a discontinued lot in the first place. It cost them though because one-by-one they’ve failed and have been replaced to where HMG tells me only three remain in the complex.
You really do get what you pay for.


  1. We are looking into one of the senior complexes in Carlsbad. There is room right next to the ocean.