Thursday, October 20, 2016

Third Thursday

After thinking about it for two years, I finally checked out the Third Thursday Food Truck event.

As a place to go for entertainment, it was a letdown -- a letdown I regretted choosing over housework and laundry.

It you were a civil service employee, working in one of the nearby government buildings, wanting to experience different food trucks, it absolutely was the place to go.

I didn’t want the morning to go for naught, so I explored the menu at each truck, but found nothing that interested me, which would have been a Thai, Asian or BBQ.

To top off the disappointment, there weren’t any good Pokémon in the area. PokéStops yes, Pokémon no. There was, however, a lure.

I walked over and, again, found nothing worth being lured for. There was, however, a guy sitting by the waterfall looking lonely and like he should be at University, or work, rather than hanging out.

He was focusing on his phone, but would occasionally look up to see what I was doing, then look back down at his phone. Finally, I asked … “Did you set the lure?”

“Yes”, said he.

“There’s nothing her but pidgeys”, said I.

Then ensued a short conversation as to who else his lure had drawn in.

I was the only one so, if he was trying to lure in young pretty girls, he’d wasted a valuable Pokémon asset.

Done with the so-called event, I headed home but pulled over and parked when I saw one of the government buildings those civil service employees were coming from, because government buildings are supposedly one of the places one can find rare Pokémon.

It took a little walking, but I found a Butterfree just before the entrance. I don't think it's rare, but there was also a Pikachu in the area. My luck it was in an under construction area I couldn’t get to.

So the morning wasn’t a complete waste, I found a new Pokémon, but I won’t waste my time going to Third Thursday again, unless their facebook page shows Thai, Asian or BBQ.

Still a lot of the day left by the time I returned to the complex, I had enough energy remaining to take care of laundry and a bit of housework.

Returning from laundry, I had an interesting not unpleasant encounter with a handsome guy new to the complex. This post is already long, so more on that at a later date.

Next on today's todo list is boiling eggs for tomorrow's event.

I was up at 4:00 yesterday, 3:15 this morning, so I could conceivably get up early tomorrow morning and do eggs tomorrow. However, I don't want to risk tomorrow being the one day I sleep late, so boiling and peeling tonight, everything else tomorrow.

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