Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ignorance is Bliss

Finally over the blue funk, caused by all the ugliness floating around in the atmosphere, not wanting to be dragged down again, I went out of my way to NOT watch the debates.

From the comments and reaction of friends on Facebook and Instagram, looks like I made the right decision.

Reactions like this from granddaughter’s hubby.

Comments like … “That was a sh!t show” from my friend Q.

So that’s behind us.

Inasmuch as the heat wave is over, I took Trainer up on training outside, sheltered by a canopy.

Many of his other clients were doing so all along, but I’m way older than the other clients and don’t do well in heat — I get dizzy and feel faint. It’s still a little warm, but manageable.

Not manageable enough to get the overdue OC Fair Virtual 5K off my bucket list. Plus, the virtual Batman 5K is closing in.

It’s not just the heat stalling me, it’s also that the streets do not look safe.

When I’m out and about, I’ve scouted the areas I normally do my walks. The college campus is too isolated, and I’m seeing displaced disadvantaged people EVERYWHERE. Even in the posh neighborhood behind us and around the golf course.

People are desperate AND, when people are desperate, people become dangerous.

There is a bank on the corner, in the same shopping center that houses the market.

One of our residents, who should have known better, walked out of the bank, cash in hand, counting it. A young man ran up to her, grab the cash from her hands and took off running.

Why did she not count it inside the bank?

Why did she then not put it away before walking out into the open for all to see, possibly stashed in her boobs — what my mom would refer to as her upstairs bank.

It’s awful out there right now. We need to be cautious and aware.

At any rate, our resident wasn’t physically harmed and learned a hard lesson.

As far as completing the 5Ks, I may have no choice but to risk being around people, for far longer than I care to be, and do some mall walking.

Speaking of being around people, after today’s training session, I drove out to the medical center and got my flu shot.

I was expecting the flu shot station to be outside, possibly car service.

It wasn’t, but was well handled inside.

In order to enter the medical center, I had to answer the usual questions about symptoms, which I had none, then had my temperature scanned.

Having passed the scan, I was directed to the flu station, where there was no line, no waiting.

Before the technician jabbed the needle in my arm, I cautioned her, “There had better not be any of No. 45’s experimental covid crap in this”.

She began laughing so hard, she had to stop, take a second to compose herself.

So that’s done as well.

Driving back to the complex, I suddenly realized this month marked my 10th year of retirement. The actual date was two weeks ago and completely skipped my mind.

Oh well, I’ll celebrate with a glass of champagne sometime soon, and dedicate a few drops to my dead homies, who retired when I did but passed away shortly thereafter.

The door is ready for the First of Halloween.

As are my toes.

Haven’t yet gotten to the fingernails.

Inside is not so ready. Didn’t feel like rummaging through all the containers in patio storage to find my Halloween treasures, so only put out for display the one treasure I easily located.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can't stop needlepointing long enough to get to the fingernails.

  2. Love the decor! Including your toes!

    1. Thanks. Finding a candy corn doormat to match last years candy corn wreath was a stroke of good luck.

  3. I didn't watch the shitshow last night. SO undignified.

    LOVE your pedi! stay safe, shirley.

    1. OMG! I just read this was supposedly the first of three? debates. From what I'm hearing about the first, I think they should put them in separate cages and fix the microphones so only one can speak at a time.

    2. Separate Cages... LMAO. Yes, it was Feral on the Lunatic's side, I think they should abort having the other two debates, there's no point when he has no capacity to actually engage in a real debate and behave like a sane Adult.

  4. Life is definitely changing course. Hope your neighbor figures out how to better handle her money, but I am surprised the bank doesn't have a security guard on duty. All of the banks here do. The one at my credit union is top notch for keeping loiterers away and watching out for customers.

    1. That's a good question. Next time I'm over there, I'll take a stroll by the bank, see if I observe anyone watching out for customers. There's a very nice friendly guard where I bank. He opens the door for us, makes sure we distance ourselves and wear masks. BUT he's an old guy. Can't imagine he'd be much help in a bank robbery or snatch and run. But I also can't imagine anyone walking out the bank cash in hand.

  5. Every time I visit, I think to find you have moved.

  6. I Love your Candy Corn Pedi and Ex's Ash Decor for Halloween! Your Granddaughter's Hubby's reaction was exactly like mine, didn't want to watch the whole shitshow, which it was and that was rather expected, just after-coverage was all I could stomach of something so outrageously deranged and disturbing. The Streets aren't Safe and for similar reasons you stated, we live in a large City, I have no idea what it might be like in smaller locations but they can't be faring well either thru all of this chaos, confusion and hardships. The Natural Disasters still raging I'm having respiratory issues from the regular Season complications and the Smoke from raging Fires. I got The Man his Flu Shot at the VA Clinic Yesterday and will seek mine from whoever takes our Insurance... which is a crap shoot unless I go to the Base to get it. I don't want to do that since one year they gave me a deep tissue infection from the Flu Shot that almost killed me due to a dirty needle... which that freaks me out just thinking upon why that was?! Allegedly they re-trained the Airmen for proper hygiene... but I'm guarded ever since to get shots at a Military Clinic now. They also told The Man when he got his Labs at the VA that they will test for COVID in the results, so at least we'll know if he ever had it... Testing here is still not easily had.

  7. The banks around here have guards but not the credit unions.

    Someone wanted me to join in a 401K. But I said I could never walk that far let alone run.

    1. You know what they call those of us who can't walk far or fast? ...... zombie food, because we'll have to leave you behind as bait in the zombie apocalypse. LOL.

  8. Congratulations on ten years of retirement! As you note, the saddest story is that in which the person saves and plans, but their health, or rather lack thereof denies them the joy of unstructured time. The anecdote at my old office was of the fellow who had a heart attack and died in the parking lot while loading the boxes into his car after his last day of work. In the meantime, six and a half more years for me.

    1. Congratulations to YOU as well. And yes, it seems so unfair to me that after years of saving, planning, looking forward, some don't get to enjoy the rewards of perseverance. I thought it shocking that those who retired with me did not make it a year, but on the parking lot while loading boxes after last day of work is worse.

  9. I love your Halloween decor. Do you buy new every year or do you have ample storage room? You must be the one in a million 76 yr old who has candy corn painted toe nails! What a hoot. The sandals are fun too ( Birkenstocks?)

    1. Thanks! And no. Not new every year. I keep Halloween and Christmas and 5K costumes in the patio storage area and drag out the same old same old every year. Except, this year I thought it would be nice if, instead of just the candy cane wreath, I added a Halloween door mat to it and lucked up on the candy cane one. You’ve got a keen eye because yes, Birkenstocks they are. So comfortable in my old age, compared to the high heels and boots I used to wear.