Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Okay, Google! What Day is This?

Waking up this morning, thinking today was Thursday, not realizing today is Wednesday until almost noon, I decided that’s how I’m going to have to begin my days from now on — grab the phone and ask Google, especially since I did the same thing last week.
I went ALL DAY last week thinking it was Thursday until, channel surfing that night, I saw RuPaul’s Drag Race was on.
That’s interesting, thought I. Drag Race is usually on Friday. This must be reruns, but this show never gets old or boring, so I’ll watch.
It wasn’t until it got to an episode I’d not seen before, and it was announced to be the final and a new Drag Queen would be announced that I realized OMG today is Friday! … thinking today was Thursday, I almost missed Drag Race!
No more news on the resident who tested positive for Covid but, having not seen either of the maintenance men on the property since the announcement, I’m wondering if the both of them are isolating for however many days it is when you’ve been around someone testing positive.
I saw a strange woman (probably a family member) bringing Head Maintenance Guy’s two boys home, from wherever they were today. The woman was not wearing a mask, the two boys were mask less AND the woman was carrying a newborn.
I have no words for how stupid that seemed to me.
I was heading to the mailbox when I saw them and, since they were heading in the same direction as I, because Head Maintenance Guy’s unit is over the mailbox area, instead of following behind, I took the long way around and, when it got to the point where our paths would cross, I stopped, stayed waaaaaay back and waited until they were off the path and heading up the stairs.
There was a package from Mask Guy in the mailbox — the new blue-black leopard mask he just came up with, and that I just had to have as I thought it would gel well with my leopard leggings.

Not an exact match, but close enough.
I already have Mask Guy’s regular leopard print in my collection and, super nice guy that he is, he sent me a little blinged out air purifier to match.

Even though Twin 1 had said, "He's rich mom", when I told her I felt bad that he was sending me masks for free or not charging me shipping costs, I did not want to take advantage of Mask Guy's generosity and insisted on paying full price for the blue-black mask. Lo and behold he couldn’t help being generous and threw in the purifier for free.
Until a month or so ago, I’d envision Mask Guy as just some kid — a friend of Twin 1 who had a little business. However, seeing his name pop up in an article I ran across, I followed the thread and learned Mask Guy is “an Emmy award winning costume designer who has been designing costumes for over ten years and is one of the most sought-after designers in the business. A former Australian champion athlete he now calls Los Angeles home and with a celebrity client list that includes Cher, Mariah Carey, The Spice Girls, David Lee Roth, Janet Jackson, J-Lo, Natalie Cole and for the last six years Lady Gaga."
"Rich" he is and no wonder his masks are so awesome. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next — hopefully a camo one.


  1. I love my hospital blue surgery masks. I buy 50 at a time.

    And remember. Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Saturday. And on and on. We're retired!

    1. Retired, yes. But I've got very important television shows I need to keep track of. LOL.

  2. you look good in leopard. and the woman with the kids - WTF?

    1. Thanks and as for the woman with the kids ... some people just have to take risks and learn the hard way.

  3. Designer masks! You lucky girl!

  4. I am so happy to come back here and see that my comment posted! It disappeared after I hit publish, and in the past your blog has always told me that it was being held for approval, which I totally understand, but this time, nothing, just poof. Maybe my comments are still going through after all.

    1. Maybe the fact blog spot is instituting a new format is messing with the notifications. I'm sticking with the old format, and your posts are getting through ... thankfully, because I always enjoy hearing from you.

  5. I think you are wonderful too!