Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday the 14th

Also known as Valentine’s Day.

Been there, done that, learned my lesson(s), won't do it again.

Valentine Bingo, in the Community Room, was nothing more than regular bingo, but with the prizes all hearts and flowers themed.
Unlike the last time I entered the room, the vibe in the room was cheerful and everyone greeted me before I could greet them.
The Seer and Shadow were not present, so I think it’s safe to say it absolutely was the Seer’s dark energy that brought the room down that time.
I didn’t stay, didn’t take photos, just dropped off the ice cream Apache had stopped by my unit early that morning asking, as a favor to him,  if I’d pick up for the seniors, then headed upstairs to rest my poor tired body from what felt like a grueling workout.
If Valentine’s Day is your thing, have a happy one.


  1. It is one of those holidays you hope everyone else enjoys but doesn't mean that much. However, for a diabetic who loves chocolate it is both Heaven and Hell.

  2. We keep it on the down low with Valentine's Day since The Man can no longer go out alone and Surprise me like he used to before he required full time Caregiving and that bothers him a lot. We try to do something Special yet Simple now so he doesn't feel the need to indulge me in any way and cannot. He has a sweet tooth and like a Kid gets jazzed if I get him Chocolates tho'.