Saturday, February 15, 2020

Friday the 14th Part 2

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened the door yesterday and found a Valentine Card.
I stand by previous comments about not being into sending cards and not caring about receiving any, but I’ll take this one because it’s from my buddy Apache, and was filled with cute Star Wars themed notes (he knows I’m a fan).

The handwriting looks like that of a child (or doctor), but the scribbles ─ for those of you who’ve not come across Apache’s history ─ lightly touched upon in earlier posts, is the result of a suicide attempt over a failed relationship, some years ago, that left him with dexterity issues in his arms/hands.
He can manage to clutch a pen, not between his fingers but with his whole hand fisted up, and etched out “Thank you for being a great person. Happy Valentine’s Day. Off to torture the Manager”.
Nice. That is except for the part about torturing the Community Manager.
So V-Day is out of the way and, ordinarily I'd be looking forward to Easter Egg Coloring. However, with the Baker and her great granddaughter bowing out over the hurt caused great granddaughter  (it was their inspired and hosted event), I can't imagine anyone else picking up the slack ... certainly not this girl.
During the week, I’d also learned the seniors had a special movie night. Screened was the Oscar winning "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".
That movie is on my watch list, so I might have gone ─ not sure because it bugs me residents are having conversations about their dogs, etc., while I’m trying to listen to the movie. But, having been out of the loop for so long, I didn’t hear about the screening.
At any rate, the seniors didn’t like the movie. Said they didn’t understand it … it moved around too much … didn't make sense.
I’m still planning to eventually get around to viewing the movie and will let them know if I like it.
Next on the movie screening list is Joker, also on my watch list.
I’ll take a chance on not being annoyed by talking and go down to the Community Room for that.
I have a sense though that if the seniors didn’t understand Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, that Joker will be way too deep for them. Maybe not talk, but fall asleep during the viewing. LOL.


  1. It was very nice of Apache to make the Valentines note. I'm not much on Valentines either but when someone lets you know that you are a great friend - well, I think that is very special.

  2. This was so sweet and especially so when it takes him such effort to write! He thinks very highly of you, and deservedly so. You are good friends among a changing cast of regents . I suppose the dynamics alter quite a bit as folks move in and out so ( fingers crossed) there may be more fun activities come up.

    1. Not only the effort to write, but the effort it must have taken to stick on those little hearts, and the time it must have taken for him to find those Star Wars themed notes. Such a thoughtful guy.

  3. How Sweet that Apache sent you that meaningful Valentine of Friendship! I had to laugh about the Seniors not 'getting it' with some Movies because there have been times I must confess I didn't either... especially the Star Wars Series going backwards in Time with the last being first and all... it confused me and the Grands and Adult Kids hadda explain! *lol*