Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pizza Tuesday

This morning started off with the mother of all senior moments. I neglected to put the coffee cup in place before I set the coffee maker to drip.

Fortunately, I caught the mistake before the spill made its way off the counter and onto the floor.
With nothing else on my schedule after the cleanup, I made my way down to the Community Room to see what the seniors were up to this Pizza Tuesday.
Nothing special going on. 
Pizza Tuesday is a lot more manageable since the old guy who didn’t like to follow the rules passed away. This would be the old guy who kept trying to touch the pizzas.
I’m not sure if I said before, but he passed away in December.
When Activity Director is not scheduled to be here, which she was not scheduled today, the Maintenance Guys pick up the pizzas. However, one of the residents volunteered to do that some time ago, and has been doing so on a regular basis.
Once the pizzas, wings, breadsticks are delivered, members of the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee take over the distribution process. However, Loosie Goosey – who has been known to be a bit of a bully at times, somehow managed to run them all off and take over that duty. She won’t accept help. She wants to do it all by herself.
Since none of the residents want to cross Loosie, there’s no more pushing and grabbing. Residents sit quietly and wait their turn. So, Pizza Tuesday has become a calm civilized boring affair.
Younger Sister arrived, sat next to me and I made the mistake of saying, “Hey, what have you been up to”.
That opened the door for her usual complaint of having nothing to do, being bored and wanting a different life than she now has.
Younger Sister has never worked, never lived independent of a family member – mother, brother, now here with her older sister, and has never been married, which is her basic complaint … “I want to experience being married, having children, a place of my own.”
The grass always looks greener.
Church Lady was not in attendance. She is still staying clear of the Community Room after saying there are demons in the room because The Seer and Shadow called her on being a two-faced hypocrite.
The truth hurts.
I caught a glimpse of Head Maintenance Guy’s expectant wife.
That woman’s stomach is HUGE, looks like there’s twins in there, but I have it on good authority it’s one little girl.
No word yet on a baby shower but, if there is to be one, it had better be soon.
Seeing her made me realize I’d not seen, for quite some time, the other one expecting a baby – the young lady living here as caregiver to her grandma. I meant to ask about her but, as soon as I had that thought, it was gone as another caregiver overheard Younger Sister lamenting about not having ever been married and chimed in that she’s been engaged three times, but never married.
“You’re smart”, I told her.
She said it was because she always figured them out and went on to say she’d been communicating with the 61-year old (She’s 65) brother of a church friend. They’d not gone out yet, but spoke frequently on the telephone. He’d tried to impress her with a lot of fast talk and bragging about what he had insofar as cars, homes, but then turned around and recently asked her to loan him $400. She hung up on him and blocked him from her phone.
Very smart lady.
That made me think about Shadow and The Seer.
Contrary to that dream I had of a wedding, Shadow has yet to put a ring on it but, well over a month ago, he did ask her to give up her unit and move in with him.
That’s quick work inasmuch as she’s only known him since he moved in the first week in March.
Fortunately, the answer was no because, as she put it, “I’m too set in my ways”.
But we’ll see how long she can resist his relentless pursuit.
I still don’t trust the guy. 
Not only has he's been caught lying about his background and accomplishments to others, he actually lied to me when he introduced a young weird acting girl to me as his adopted daughter, then told Apache she was some street kid he’d met down the street. 
That very day he introduced her to me, Shadow had to call the police to remove her from the property because she created a disturbance.
The Community Manager gave him a lease violation for bringing her in here, and though The Seer knows all about that episode, she doesn’t seem to question the who, what, why of it. I know he lied to her saying the girl was high on marijuana. She bought it without question, even after I went out on a limb and said to her, “That girl was high alright, but it was not marijuana”.
I’m also suspicious of the fact that with all this wining and dining and bringing flowers to The Seer, he had to borrow money from Apache. A few days later, he not only paid Apache back but bought a new car. Not brand new, but a nice used Malibu.
Hmmmm … broke one day, flush with cash the next, bringing in that street kid who was obviously into the drug culture.
Remember when I’d blogged The Seer was depressed and angry with the Universe because her prayer was not being answered? She was lonely for male company and wanted a man in her life. I think her inability to now see clearly, put the pieces together, is the result of her unwillingness to see Shadow as anything other than answered prayer.
I’m reluctant to say out loud to anyone what I think Shadow is into, but you reading this can probably put it together.
This relationship is like seeing an accident about to happen and all you can do is close your eyes so as not to see the carnage when it happens.
Time will tell.
Life is about choices and lessons to be learned.


  1. I say thank God for unanswered prayers. I think that is even a Garth Brooks song. There is a reason one doesn't always get what they prayed for.

    1. Exactly! Trust the Universe because we don't always know what's in our best interest.