Friday, June 1, 2018

Nothing to See Here Folks

Seriously. Literally nothing to see here.
Busy indoors finishing up that memory album and learning how to prepare meals in an Instant Pot, I’ve not made contact with any of the regulars and, with only two things worth mentioning on the June calendar of events – the Father’s Day event on the 19th, and a Residents/Management meeting on the 21st, I’m not likely to be catching up on what’s going on with the folks anytime soon.
I did run into Handsome Guy as I was picking up mail the other day.
“You’re a person I don’t see out and about often”, says he.
“I’m usually busy with my crafting and television shows, but I did come down for the Memorial Day Barbeque. You missed a good time. We had a ball”.
“Nobody told me”, says he.
That is so tiresome. Tiresome because it's an excuse he used before, and I didn't let him get away with it when he used it back then. Instead, I chastised him with “It was on the calendar. You really should read it” and here he is again wanting us to chase him, give him an engraved invitation to events. It's making him begin to look weak and less handsome to me.
This needing someone to hold his hand is just not an attractive quality.
Received notification of a three-day meditation retreat coming up in the area of Venice Beach. Having missed that retreat last year and the year before because of the gut issues, now that I’ve got a handle on how to avoid getting sick, I began looking for a hotel in that area with a kitchen.
I couldn’t find one, but did find one with a microwave -- within walking distance of the hotel where the retreat is being held.
Researching what kind of meals I could create in a hotel microwave, it wasn't looking workable. But then, I ran across an article touting Instant Pots for hotel cooking.
After looking at a few videos, reading how others have used the pot in hotels, I decided that instrument would free me from being stuck with inns with stovetops, ran out and picked one up.
It’s lightweight, so I won’t have any problem transporting it and the test meals I’ve made in it so far come out with more flavor than stove top and oven bake, so I’m thinking this is my answer to being able to attend not only this meditation retreat, but other travels without worrying about how not to get sick.

Not the meditation retreat in Hawaii, however. That meditation retreat was on my bucket list, but the angry volcano changed my mind about that.
A coworker and I treated ourselves to a Hawaiian vacation away from our troublesome teens back in ’88. It was fun. It was interesting.

However, we were stuck in the airport when our return flight was delayed for hours and hours and hours. It bothered me greatly that I couldn’t help myself (rent a car or find another way home) because I was stuck on an island, with the only way out being the airline. So the idea of being stuck on an island with an angry volcano, and the possibility of everyone fighting to get out and survive, is something horror movies are made of. So no.

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