Friday, April 8, 2016

Subject to Change

When the Assistant Manager puts together the monthly Event Calendar, she should add the disclaimer that events listed are subject to change without prior notice because, once again, an event on the calendar did not materialize.



Who knows, because management long ago dispensed with notifying residents of changes. We’re sort of on a word-of-mouth system around here, and if you don’t get out and happen to catch the word, then you’re out of the loop.

I haven’t been out of the unit much lately, so I guess I missed whatever was going around about the Meet and Greet with the new Activity Director because, when I walked by the Community Room at the scheduled time yesterday, the place was empty and eerily quiet–no management personnel, no residents. Even the giant plasma, which is on 24/7 was off. “No signal” on the screen.

And no kidding about 24/7.

Management in its infinite wisdom has seen fit to control the Community Room television from Nurse Ratched’s office. It’s stuck on one channel, the Get TV Station, that runs old musicals -- unless someone convinces her to change and, when the office is closed, when the Community Room is locked up tight, when we’re all in our beds fast asleep, the television is still on.

Since everything is controlled from Nurse Ratched’s office, perhaps running 24/7 is some sort of anti-theft mechanism.

The fact that the television was off yesterday may account for why no residents were in the Community Room. The fact that management personnel made no appearance for a scheduled event is par for the course.

The calendar also shows Arts and Crafts on the 29th, "Design Your Own Coffee Mug".

Being crafty, I’m kinda looking forward to the event. However, being a realist, I won’t be surprised or disappointed if it too does not materialize.

After weeks of sleeping late, waking just before 8:00 -- which is highly unusual for me, it was back to my normal wide awake at 3:30 this morning. While waiting for the neighbors to wake up, so I could start making noise, it occurred to me there’s an advantage to the downstairs neighbor moving out. With her leaving, the entire bottom floor will be vacant. Noise doesn’t travel across to my next door neighbor, so I’ll be able to turn on the television at ungodly hours. It even means unless and until new tenants move in, I’ll be free to pull out my zumba and Leslie Sansone walking tapes, get in some exercise in the comfort of my own domicile.

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