Sunday, April 10, 2016

Starts with S, Ends with R

There was a fun quiz posted to my facebook page last night.

Most came up with … Star.

I got it within two seconds with, of course … Sugar.

It’s been about 19 days since I last had sugar, which may account for how I’ve been feeling lately … tired, sluggish, unmotivated, not wanting to leave the unit unless I absolutely must, sitting on the couch watching television and cross stitching all day and half the night; not to mention experiencing a sense of hard-heartedness and impatience with what I see going on in the world insofar as what people think, say, do, expect.

Not wanting to be around people, I’ve passed on several 5Ks and have even been dreading Mothers’ Day coming up, because daughter usually takes me out for manicure/pedicure/lunch. I’ve been so dreading it that I’ve even considered lying, saying I’d be out of town while hiding out in my unit. But then I figured daughter would just choose another day to “honor” me, plus lying doesn’t come easily for me. After torturing myself over the possibility of telling a lie, I decided to just speak the truth … that I appreciate the thought, the gesture, but would really rather not. No further explanation required or given.

I did receive notice of a weekend Meditation Session coming up in May, in Venice – that’s Venice California, not Venice Italy, so I signed up. I think that’s just what I need right now.

Instead of sitting in front of the television, ingesting its negativity, man’s stupidity and inhumanity to his brother man/woman/animals, just like I detoxed sugar from my system, I’ll be detoxing from the world -- sitting quietly in a room full of enlightened beings, soaking up an atmosphere of gentleness, kindness, understanding, peace.

The session schedule looks tight and, for the first time, includes lunch with the group because the teacher wants us to maintain the atmosphere created by the class.

Lunch is going to be a challenge for me because, even when I’m in weekend sessions with like-minded individuals, I prefer aloneness. Lunch is usually walking around the area, listening to myself think, so I dunno. Especially since the Venice Boardwalk is a hop, skip, jump from the meeting location. Having been living in the Southern California area for as long as I’ve been alive -- 72 years, I’ve never been to the world famous Venice Boardwalk. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to walk around and explore, unless the lunch menu is spectacular, I’ll take my chances that I can maintain the atmosphere, think only good thoughts, as I sight-see and people watch along the beach front.

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