Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Found It!

Noticed some time ago that I needed to replace the doormat.
At one time, the mat was in keeping with the tenants of feng shui (vibrant earth colors, emphasis on red), but exposure to sun, wind, rain, over a five-year period, turned vibrant into bland.

Thinking I might not be living here much longer, I’d tabled the purchase as something to be done for the new location. However, now that I’ve been assured relocation is not in my future, I set about getting a replacement.
I knew I wanted the exact same doormat, but could not remember where I’d purchased it. Further, the design having faded away, and my memory of what the design had looked like having also faded away, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for but, knowing I’d recognize it when I saw it, I resorted to researching doormats on google image.
Who knew looking at doormats would cause so much laughing out loud.

There were a Breaking Bad doormat, Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming” mat, even a doormat based on AMC’s The Walking Dead’s slogan -- “Do Not Open; Dead Inside”. Huge fan that I am of that show, being as how this is a senior complex and there is so much real dying going on, I didn’t think it appropriate, not to mention it wasn’t colorful enough to provide the level of chi needed for the front door.
At any rate, it took some doing, over a period of days, but BAM! there it was. I don't think this one is an exact match for what I had before, but close enough.

On Sale @ $20 Off
So that’s ordered, on its way and done.
The purchaser only has seven remaining. I won’t need a replacement for another five years so, when the time comes, I may have to settle on a different design.
Unlike some of my neighbors, I don’t switch doormats to fit the season or holiday. However, after seeing this one, I’m thinking I may do so.

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