Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day?

Waking up this morning to all the Facebook messages of thanks for “being such a great dad … great stepdad”, it was nice to see a post thanking all the mothers who “raised children without partners”.
Having grown up without a dad, Father’s Day is just not a holiday I’m familiar with.
As touched upon elsewhere in the blog, mom was a complicated individual. She kept a lot of secrets, did not like to be asked questions; however, best I could ever determine, another woman came between she and my father, mom moved out-of-state to get away from the situation when I was a baby, and never spoke of my father other than to say, when angry at me, “You’re just like him!”
Satisfied with the status quo was I, because you can’t miss what you never had. Besides, I had my aunt to spoil me, an uncle to spoil me and, eventually a baby brother came along later under circumstances I never learned because I don’t remember a man in my mom’s life during that time.
At any rate, there were no Father’s Day celebrations during my formative years.
THEN mom remarried, a sister and more brothers came to be, along with a stepdad I did not like. He was mean to my brother and I because we weren’t his, and his meanness towards us eventually turned his own against him, as they didn’t like his treating brother and I different.
I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to recall if Father’s Day was ever celebrated for that guy.
I’m sure it must have been by someone in the house, surely not by me or brother, but I can’t recall.
He was eventually out of our lives through divorce and, when he later died, I don’t recall anyone shedding a tear … surely not brother or I.
There was no Father’s Day celebration when I myself married and my girls came along, because I had to flee my mentally, emotionally, physically abusive husband when my girls were six months old. Because we were in hiding from him, the girls had no contact with their dad until they reconnected with him as teens. They probably sent him cards and called, but I don’t know, I never asked, never interfered with their relationship with him.
However, I will say, I did become aware at some point that the girls learned, all own their own, what a tool their dad was and it became a relationship more of tolerating, because he was their father, rather than liking or respecting him.
So all this to say, Father’s Day is not and has never been a biggie in my world.
To my great surprise, those Wonder Woman leggings arrived in Friday’s mail.
I only placed the order on Wednesday, so you might say they arrived faster than Superman’s speeding bullet.
Also to my great surprise, the feel of the fabric, length, fit are all perfect.
Only thing is, the pattern is very busy, the colors very bright.

They didn’t look that busy or bright online, so they’re going to take some getting accustomed to on my part because, inasmuch as I don’t like to stand out -- more like blend in, I’m usually in dark muted colors.
What do you think of them?

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